26 Oct 2014

Collaboration: Weddington Way Bridesmaid

Hee guys,
So I was asked to style a bridesmaid dress from Weddington Way
and studying All Round Styling this was an awesome way to put what I've been thought to practice.

19 Oct 2014

Sharing Wisdom: Saving

Hee hee,
I'm so sorry for being absent this long, but my standard excuse I had so much schoolwork...
Anyhow I'm back again and I thought it would be nice sharing you some tips about something I have be dealing with for a while now as fulltime student: SAVING

11 Oct 2014

Inspiration Board: Friday Night

Hee hee,
I finally have a week vacation again and pooh I could really use one right now.
And what is better than some nice thee, a warm blanket and tumblr to start your week of relaxing with - let me answer that for you: nothing -.

6 Oct 2014

Outfit: Check Mate!

Hee hee,
Hope you are having a good day!
I've been buying some few stuff lately and I remembered that a lot of you said you liked the purchase post a made a while ago.
So I have been thinking and from now on I will be making a purchase post every season. I'm planning to make the purchase post every second month of the season, so the first one will be probably up next month.

3 Oct 2014

Outfit: Mulder

Hee guys,
So if u are following me on Instagram - @xmothii - you would have hear the news already.
But for the ones not following me, I won a giveaway last month on Alexis Splash's blog Dead Like Your Fame - check her blog out, she is so cool! -. 

29 Sep 2014

Inspiration Board: Goodbye summer

Hee guys,
Summer is officially over.
Fall is my favorite season and I can't wait for all the layering and stuff. Sharing with you one of my last summer influenced inspiration pictures, maybe some sunny days are still coming our way.

Have a blessed week and God bless!

25 Sep 2014

Outfit: Double Double

Sometimes I have those days that I just feel very girly. Last week I had one of those days again and I felt like putting on a skirt. I'm not really a girly girl, never have been. But when I finally felt like putting on a skirt, why not putting on two haha ?!