17 Apr 2015

Inspiration Board: Burned out

I have the feeling I'm going to have a burn out. You just can't imagine how much I'm craving for some sun and vacation right know. School is so up in my head, I can't get anything straight anymore.
I just need to run away and chill for a while. But thank God it's friday, no school for me till Tuesday.
So lets not talk about it.

Enjoy the pictures from my tumblr guys!

14 Apr 2015

Outfit: "Does it come in black?"

I don't know but I keep on doing this.
How warmer it gets, how more black I wear. As if the sun sucks away all the color out of my summer looks - I don't know if I mind tho -.

7 Apr 2015

Photo Diary: Weekend Antwerp (3/3)

Last but not least, our last day in Antwerp. It was awesome, kinda stressful, but not in a bad way - at least we were on time for our bus back and shit so yeah, it was good -.
We didn't do that much tho, but one of the things we made sure we did was have our last delicious breakfast and oh it was so good. They had everything from waffels to yogurt to fresh fruit, yumyumyumyumyum!
But to be honest I didn't mind going back home again, because I actually had the feeling we where there for a much longer time than that we actual where. But thats not a bad thing wright, that just meant we did all we wanted to do right so yeah haha :)

Enjoy the last part of the diary guys, but don't be sad more is yet to come.
- I really like making photo diaries and I love sharing them with those who are interested so yeah, I sure am going to keep doing them! :) - 

-Sorry for my laziness and not Iron my clothes. Reason I hate packing -
Wearing: Zara Blouse, By-Bar Jeans, Happy Socks and 
Not So White All Stars

What have been in my bag for the last 3 days -
Bag from a random market, Purse Gifted, 
Other Stories 'Moroccan Tea' hand cream, Labello lip butter,
Iphone 5s and my Sony DSC-H300 Digital camera

Thanks for stopping by
and I hope you enjoyed this serie!
See you in my next post.
Much love,

Outfit: Let the spring begin

Hope you all had an awesome easter with family and friends and were able to celebrate the resurrection of Christ peacefully. This easter weekend was so sunny. Finally getting in that spring mood yeehy. Something little bit less yeehy was that I got this awful flue over the weekend, but im starting to recover from it already - another yeah -.

4 Apr 2015

Photo Diary: Weekend Antwerp (2/3)

And as I promised here are more - much more - pictures of my Antwerp trip.
We did so much that Friday there were simply not enough hours in the day for us to coffer all we wanted to do. But we did, I don't know how, but we did it. I think something what really helped, was that it wasn't my first time in Antwerp so I still knew how to find my way - thank God -.
Get ready and enjoy all the pictures and Nina's big head in them - I don't know she just ended up standing in all my pictures haha, o well -

31 Mar 2015

Photo Diary: Weekend Antwerp (1/3)

I don't know for u, but I sure had a awesome weekend. Maybe you have seen some pictures of my cool trip to Antwerp on my instagram already - ow how I love that city -.
I went there last Thursday for 3 days with a very good friend of my, Nina, and we had a blast.
I got this cool opportunity from my mom and her friend for my birthday - I feel so spoiled -.
The food, hotel and transport was taking care off, so the only thing we had to do was enjoy.

My camera followed me everywhere - and if not my phone did -, so I made a lot of pictures I will be sharing with you in this three parted photo diary. Hope you enjoy and make sure to stay tuned for the next two!

21 Mar 2015

Photo Diary: DWDD Pop-Up Museum

'De Wereld Draait Door' is a life tv show in the Netherlands. On the 29th of January 'De Wereld Draait Door' opened a pop-up museum in the Allard Pierson Museum in Amsterdam. At the exhibition you can find works of ten different artist. The works come from ten big museum in the Netherlands and will be found in here until the end of May. The theme of this exhibition is: Hidding Artists