27 May 2015

Outfit: Style is what you feel comfortable in, true or false?

A question I often need to ask myself, but secretly know the answer to already. What is more important in an outfit, comfort or style?
I think this outfit is a great example to my answer btw. I'm wearing slacks, oversized blouse and sneakers. When I picked it at first, it looked so weird together. But the longer I stared the more I started to like it.. Hmm weird.

23 May 2015

Inspiration Board: Dear weekend..

.. could u stay a little longer please. I mean I just don't have enough with two days of u.
U alway show up when I'm  drowned from energy and when I'm finally back on my feet
you have to leave again, it's just not fair. Why can't u just stay here. I mean
not I just hate it when you're not around.

Lets go out. Go to explore, meet new people, do things we never thought we could, laugh all day, watch movies all night and dance till our feet get soar. Is there no way I can make u stay any longer...

19 May 2015

Outfit: Stupid allergies

Last week I was just doing some casual chillings, trying to enjoy my last week of vacation before school starts. Then this crazy allergy just hit my out of now where. I was't even able to enjoy my last few days of my vacation anymore, because my throat became so sensitive to everything.
So annoying and the worst part of all is that I still don't know what caused it, so I have no idea what to do....

15 May 2015

Outfit: Never ever again

It is exam-seizon again in Holland, it feels like yesterday I was stressing over my own exams. Oke not yesterday, but it definitely doesn't feel like a year, but it is though. 
I think I did pretty good though, I wasn't even that nervous about it all, thank God. But I would never want to go back, ever!

10 May 2015

Inspiration Board: A trip to Cole world

Omgosh guys I dont know if u follow me on snapchat or instagram or so, but yesterday was lit. I mean I went to J Cole's concert and it was literally fire. But dont worry I got u, a lil photo diary will be coming up soon. 

5 May 2015

Imaginary Outfit: Home Run

Who said a girl can't like baseball. I mean I would love to go to a baseball match one day. Even though I don't sport a lot, I never had problems doing it I think I just got lazy - but don't we all hahah -. This is the type of outfit I would probably wear to a baseball match tho.
I think going to a sportmatch for a date is a pretty cool thing to do - hint hint -.

25 Apr 2015

Inspiration Board: A mind is a terrible thing to waste

Tumblr' always with her wise words. But it's true a mind is a terrible thing to waste indeed. 
Just like the heart, for these two things together are the most powerful thing in the world. Everything flows out of it. That is why we need to make sure both are at peace, because - and correct me if I'm wrong - whenever one of them is not and lets take a heartbreak or insecurity as example we often end up doing thing we never thought we would ever do.