29 Jul 2015

Outfit: My green kinda orange

You know that color green thats is like so ulgh, but when u see someone wearing it it makes u go aahw - and I mean most of the times it's still an ulgh color, but sometimes in very rare cases the color can look adorable - well I have this with the color orange.

26 Jul 2015

Inspiration: Pleasant escape

Laying in bed with a good cup of tea and my one-see on, while the weather is going crazy outside.
I don't understand Holland, day before yesterday it was al sunny and stuff and look at it now. They even had to call out a code red yesterday, that is how bad it was.
But hey I can't complain, because it gave me a great excuse to stay in bed watch movies and chill on Tumblr all day. So lets just say it wasn't that bad at all.

24 Jul 2015

Other: New coming in

Hey y'all! 
I'll just introduce myself before I jump right in.
I'm Debby, Mothi's homegurl or whatever you want to call it and I'm here to take over her Friday blog post just for this summer. Want to know what it's all going to be about? - the title has given it away, but - Keep on reading!

20 Jul 2015

Outfit: Sassy black

I'm in love with this dress. I got it at the secondhand shop and I can't stop wearing it. I love how you can style it in so many ways. You can wear it as a dress, blouse or just trow it over a outfit if u feeling cold. 
So I think you can understand that this dress was the first thing I thought of, when I was going out and saw that the weather app said it would be warm today but that there was a chance of rain.

17 Jul 2015

Inspiration Board: Time to waste

Crazy how you find like thousand-and-two things to do in the vacation that u actually enjoy doing. 
I'm probably not the only one, but all this free time make me so handy and creative I love it!
I always try to convince myself that even when school and work starts again I will keep on doing them, but we all know does lies.

14 Jul 2015

Photo Diary: Fashion Week

I've always wanted to attend Amsterdam Fashion Week and when I was asked to help I couldn't say no. It was a great experience and a lot of fun too see what goes down backstage during the show.

I helped at the Tailor&Elbaz show this sunday. T&E are sister that just relaunched there fashion brand. It was their first ever fashion show on Fashion Week what made it extra special to take part in it. The models and everybody were so nice, it was awesome! 

Even though there was so much stress, I managed to snap some pictures of the night. 
I definitely hope to help again at a fashion show at Fashion Week next time. I just find this world so interesting and cool to be part of.

12 Jul 2015

Outfit: Family Love

So this photo's where made yesterday.
My uncle from the States came to spend a few days at our place. It was so much fun,
it has really been a while since I saw him last. Today was his last day in Holland
so we decided to go out for dinner yesterday evening. It was good having him around again!