23 Feb 2015

Inspiration Board: Two down one more to go

Jeehj test week numero duo is down. And it went good thank God. 
This means I can finally go back to my eat, sleep and Tumblr routine 
AKA being lazy -. 

16 Feb 2015

Inspiration Board: I love looking at you

Because actions speek louder than words - same applies to photo's in my opinion-. 
So enjoy and be filled with inspiration :)

13 Feb 2015

Outfit: Stressing as usual

It's almost vacation, but before I can start thinking of relaxing I need
to get myself through next weeks testweek.  - Stress, stress, stress -

9 Feb 2015

Outfit: Dressing down my gala dress

U know that moment u really want to wear a certain dress, but u feel too dressed up if u did. Well I had that same problem, but then I saw the amazing Margaret Zhang, from the blog Shine By Tree - u just have to take a look at her blog it's just a-ma-zing-, do it in a amazing way for a shoot. 
So I played around with the idea and I just love it. 

7 Feb 2015

Outfit: Baby Aaliyah thought me

Overalls are the best and I finally got my hands on one, yeah!
It's a vintage Tommy Hilfiger overall that I got from ebay few weeks ago. 
It reminds me a bit of the super cool one Aaliyah used to wear in the Tommy Hilfiger commercial. 

3 Feb 2015

Outfit: Why is black better

Yesss, I finnaly got myself some black sneakers. Im so happy now I can finally 
wear all black looks again - and yes I said I would stop doing it, but I just love it oke :( -. 
I started wondering why black is such a loved color in fashion and out of boredom in the 
bus I looked up what black does to us and found some interesting facts about the color black. 

28 Jan 2015

Outfit: Secret layers

Hee guys
Hope u are surviving the crazy storms and super cold weather. 
Only nice thing about this weather is that I can wear outfits with more layers.