23 Nov 2014

Others: Cool hotspots in Amsterdam

Hee hello, I'm back from being gone.
Sorry i just disappeared out of the blue like that, but oh what was I drowning in schoolwork.

Thank God assignment week is over and I have my head above the waves again. To make up with u I made a cool guide through amsterdam of my fav spots. Some of u guys requested this.

10 Nov 2014

DIY: Painted jeans

Inspired by Ralph Lauren painted jeans.
Maybe u read my Inspirtation post a few days ago, but I mentioned there that I would like too DIY these pants.
Do u want to now how it turnd out? Keep on reading!

6 Nov 2014

Inspiration Board: Ages

Feels like I haven't do any inspiration board in ages, even though it's like one of my fav part of my blog. Sharing what I love and being able to inspire other people with the things I love. It feels awesome!

3 Nov 2014

List: Autumn Purchases (1/2)

Hee guys, as I told u I will be making purchase posts from now on.
It wil be seasonal purchase lists. I will be making two post every season, what means one post every other month.
I will show you what I bought, where I bought it and a picture of how I would style it or have styled it. The purchase posts will include links with pictures of DIY's I did that season. Hope you guys like it that way!

30 Oct 2014

Photo Diary: Dutch Design Week Eindhoven

Hee hello,
This years Dutch Design Week was in Eindhoven.
Dutch Design Week is an awesome week where new designers can showcase their work
- you can think of interior, media, fashion and industriel work -.
And I was lucky enough to go there with school last week!

26 Oct 2014

Collaboration: Weddington Way Bridesmaid

Hee guys,
So I was asked to style a bridesmaid dress from Weddington Way
and studying All Round Styling this was an awesome way to put what I've been thought to practice.

19 Oct 2014

Sharing Wisdom: Saving

Hee hee,
I'm so sorry for being absent this long, but my standard excuse I had so much schoolwork...
Anyhow I'm back again and I thought it would be nice sharing you some tips about something I have be dealing with for a while now as fulltime student: SAVING